The Learning Age Story

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The Early Years

Learning Age was founded in 2013. With our prior experience of working with corporates, schools and early childhood centres, we realized that a huge gap existed between a working parent’s requirement and what the childcare centres were offering. Having a formula in mind to bridge the gap our founders held extensive dialogues with various stakeholders – young parents, corporates, tech park developers, etc. Almost at the end of 8 month of consultations, meetings, site visits, we were invited by one of the corporates to set up a near site facility inside the prestigious and one of the first technology parks of Bangalore - International Technology Park Limited (ITPL), now refered to as International Technology Park - Bangalore (ITPB).

Identifying the place was just one of the hurdles cleared. Only with time did we realize the other hurdles we had to cross. Just to name a few - setting up a private limited company and nuances of managing it, identifying agencies / design firms who could create a child friendly – child safe space and so on. With time, we moved from being aspirants who believed the need of quality settings for our young ones to creators of such space. By August 2013, we had set up our first model centre at ITPL. We fondly named our company Learning Age Creatives Pvt. Ltd, which simply meant “age of learning” in a “creative” manner.

Now with the physical set up ready, we thought we were set and children will start pouring in. And, to our surprise nothing like that happened. We then realized the need to spread the word around - we reached out to corporates, put up stalls in open areas, distributed pamphlets, made presentations, etc. On a single day, we were shuffling roles and donned newer hats every hour. With this our entrepreneurial journey begins..

As days progressed, our definition of Learning Age was refined. We bridge the care and learning requirements of young parents for their little ones. What best than such high quality programs being offered at the convenience of their offices and homes.


Building blocks

Over the initial few years, we tested our idea of Learning Age, we developed programs, varying services, trained teachers, groomed staff, tried various channels to reach out to parents and stakeholders. Our focus was not so much into acquiring clients / parents / children; we worked on our programs, processes and people. We patiently waited for our existing clients to refer more people, our corporate clients to spread the word and taada, it worked wonders! By the end of year three, we had multiple corporate clients and a full house.

We were excited. We knew this is a model that works and now are ready to scale. With scale, came new challenges - capital, real estate acquisition, skilled human resources and so on. By the time we nailed each of these it was 2019. We had gained experience in setting up and managing an in-house crèche in General Motors, pioneered our Inquiry based curriculum and set up a preschool & child care brand on a consulting basis.

All this enriched the Learning Age team and our offerings; we leased out space at Divyasree - Republic of Whitefield Apartment Complex to start our second Company owned centre. With the help of Cushman & Wakefield, we sourced this property. Other than the residents of RoW, we cater to Divyasree Techno Park clients, primarily Accenture and Capgemini. Our ITPL centre caters employees of other Corporate like Societe Generale, TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), General Motors, Sabre, Applied Materials, Xerox, Conduent Business Services, Scientific Games, First Advantage, Mu Sigma, Technicolor, Globant, Athena Health, Aegis Global and so on. As a spin off, we started a third Company owned centre at DNR Atmosphere Apartment complex. This centre caters exclusively for the residents of the apartment complex.

With growth in number of centres, our client base, the little children we cater to and our staff has grown manyfolds. We aspire to grow each individual, may it be a child or the staff at Learning Age to their fullest potential.

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