Learning age Creatives aims to make world class education available, accessible and affordable to all.

Genesis and need for Learning Age Creatives, an education management firm:

21st century is widely known as the beginning of the knowledge age. Ideas and knowledge are the main sources of economic growth. Since it is different from the industrial age, new patterns of work and business practices have developed. As a result, we need people with new and different skills sets so as to contribute effectively. The situation raises a few questions about our capabilities to adapt and deliver to the needs of the economy.

Since educational institutions, both formal and informal largely bear the responsibility of creating a 'productive' work force we have to critically evaluate the practices prevalent in such institutions. This allows us to answer most of the queries mentioned alongside. Do you think our educational institutions have adapted to the changing situation? Are we equipped to meet he demands of the economy? Will we be able to aid our economy with skills necessary for growth?

And, while we attempted to answer these questions, this is what we found out: Today's schools are organized to produce Industrial Age worker-citizens. If schools are to prepare young people for successful lives in the knowledge age, they need to do things differently.

This being the situation, the way we nurture our young ones must undergo a sea-change.

In our efforts to shape the education landscape, Learning Age uses a five pronged approach. Each of the prongs / verticals will address different needs of the education segment and work towards bridging the existing gap. The verticals are:
  • Establishment of Learning Centres, both formal and informal and across different age levels. Our first target segment is the area of child care. Later on moving into preschools, primary and secondary education, vocational, technical and management education.
  • Teacher Training & Development Services, focuses on professionalizing teachers & administrators by equipping them with technical knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Consulting Services, aims at transforming the education business into a highly effective and efficient one.
  • Auditing & Assessment Services will assist institutions assess their progress towards their vision and if need be, redefine their purpose of existence.
  • Product Development vertical will focus on churning out new products to deal with inconsistencies in the teaching-learning, managerial and administrative processes of institutions.
Learning Age designs, establishes, operates and provides support to new and existing education systems. We provide institutions with technical knowledge & best practices to build world-class institutions.