Based on the motto of LEARN. INNOVATE. LEAD, our learning centres offers every child an opportunity to learn and excel at his / her own pace.

Learning Age establishes innovative learning centres like child care centres, preschools and schools. We create an impact across the entire section of students who are part of the formal learning settings by providing them an opportunity to acquire 21st century skills in a world class setting. The environment provides a right mix of learning and enjoyable experiences to ensure the child's holistic development.

Creating a well equipped teacher is the need of the hour! Indian Education system is marred by shortage of skilled and qualified teachers. Though, one off training programs are conducted, very few teachers gets an opportunity to attend such programs. Therefore, the gap between the existing competencies and the competencies required is only widening. Lack of adequately trained teachers in today's classrooms, has a negative impact on student learning.

Our philosophy is to train teachers adequately. A learned teacher is one who is well-equipped with necessary skills, knowledge and attitude. Such a teacher creates a humungous difference to the children who in turn shape our societies in the years to come.

Education consulting business in India is still in a nascent stage. Very few educationists are aware of an organized consulting company and those of who are aware seldom use their services. It is best for educationists to do what they are good at and involve experts from other areas to contribute to effectively for the growth of their business / entities. While other sectors have taken to advisory and outsourcing services with ease, the education sector is still to follow suit.

Our consulting wing aims at transforming education into a profitable, high-growth business with a long-term perspective. We help investors and institutions capitalize on opportunities and address challenges, effectively.

Is your staff conducting the most efficient and effective activities to support the educational process? Does the school's academic program meet the needs of the children? Does the rate of student retention in your program meet or exceed that of similar schools throughout the country? Can you prove it? Administrators at schools and colleges want to answer these and other questions concerning the school's success with a resounding "Yes!" In fact, you may assume that your school succeeds in meeting these goals and believe that your school does not exhibit obvious deficiencies. Yet how do you know that the school operates as effectively as it could? This is the role of institutional assessment.

School leaders cannot afford to create and set into motion an academic program without a strong initial plan to achieve its purpose for existence. Institutional assessment provides the means to check on the progress of the plan. The results of this assessment should lead to recommendations on more effective planning, implementation, and change.

Assessment and audit is the first step to an institution's to understand the deficiencies in the system and to plan a capacity building process.

Evolution never stops and stakeholder expectations continue to grow. Product development is a core activity. It is a multi disciplinary process of identifying and envisaging the needs of the user, institutions and society and bringing those needs to life.

Our product development wing focuses on creating new products in line with stakeholder needs. The focus is on improving the quality and reach of education products and services. Our team has expertise in developing world class products to satiate the needs of students, teachers, institutions and society.