Current Projects
LA Child care centres

LA Child Care centres aim to provide high quality, affordable services which meet the particular child care needs of the local community. Access to child care services is open to all employees in the ITPL Bangalore and to the members of the local community.

Our program is based on the well researched techniques of child care. It focuses on the concept of 'learn', 'innovate' and 'lead'. Trained and qualified care providers will plan and deliver the programs, with the assistance of skilled and experienced staffs. While the focus of the program is on ensuring the child is school ready, it will foster your child's learning, communication skills and social relationships with others.

Our environment plays a large role in guiding children's learning by offering choice, independence and freedom in exploring natural materials and settings. Children develop self-esteem, self-expression, confidence and social competence through play.

LA Child Care Centres operate with an excellent ratio of children to staff that exceeds minimum requirements. This assists staff in the delivery of the high quality education and care program. We provide our staff with opportunities for ongoing professional training and development.