People behind the scenes
People Behind The Scenes
The founding members of the Learning Age Creatives are Sharan Chinnappa and Thanya Kusha. Sharan has about 10 years of hands on experience in the education management and administration. Thanya, with her experience in corporate finance contributes in managing the finances and the business planning aspects of the organization.

The duo is ably supported by team experts with varying backgrounds. The team constitutes of child psychologist, dentist, pediatrician, education administrator, chartered accountant, architect, academician and a teacher trainer.

Learning Age plans to unfold itself in a phased manner. Firstly, making its array into child care centres, it will move on to spread its wings in the preschool segment. Consulting and teacher education & training verticals will kick off simultaneously.

At Learning Age, the work we deliver to our clients is richer & deeper. We bring our experiences as consultants, trainers, advisers, evaluators and teachers to work. Our interventions are based on well-researched learning theories and management philosophy, which helps to build a stakeholder driven institution.